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We increase human potential through a deeper understanding of consciousness and the application of advanced training techniques. In other words, we build better humans and that means better workers for employers and better students for schools. Prosperity College is a program of India based New Kalapa Tech Park Pvt Ltd and U.S. based Bid Ocean, Inc. For 20 years, Bid Ocean has endeavored to develop the best possible work force and in the process has conducted extensive research and developed advanced training techniques to help its staff reach their full potential. It is now ready to start sharing its expertise and expand its training operations to the general public. New Kalapa Tech Park is 2020 startup in Sikkim, India that is dedicated to the development and construction of a new climate-proof, self-sufficient and sustainable civilization. A big part of this effort is the development of better people through a new human culture that nurtures human evolution.

Meet The Team

Tim Loncarich

Tim Loncarich is the founder of Bid Ocean and an entrepreneur who has spent a life-time pursuing a deeper understanding of the human experience and human potential. In the process he has worked with and learned from many of the world's leading researchers, thinkers and doers in the human potential movement and has applied the knowledge to himself and staff.

Dr. Chance Eaton

Dr. Chance Eaton is the owner of Human Capital Solutions International, a Learning & Organizational Development Consulting firm. His areas of specialization include organizational psychology, work engagement, performance coaching, leadership development, and well-being. Previous work experience includes Learning & Development for Insurance and State Government, Farming-Ranching, Higher Education Faculty, Human Resource Leadership, Mental Health Counseling, and Non-Profit Leadership. His education includes advanced degrees in Business, Psychology, and Educational Leadership.

Barsha Thakuri

Barsha Thakuri has a B.Com (Hons) degree in Accountancy and is certified in ADFA (Advance Diploma in Financial Accounting). She has been working with Bid Ocean since 2016 and is currently working as a Wellness Manager. She has also worked as a Source Manager and Data Quality Control Manager. Apart from her profession, she also has an interest in reading and singing as she is a certified vocalist in classical music.

Parikshat Ghising

Parikshat Ghising comes with over 14+ years of experience in Soft Skills Training, Analytics, and Marketing. He has a Masters Degree in Business and Certification in Advance Microsoft Excel. He has worked with various Multi-National companies in Bangalore in different roles and he has also helped various start-ups in Sikkim in building their training, analytics, and marketing programs.